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With Jaga-Me, you may train to be a patient care assistant singapore. You’re interested in practising holistic caring in Singapore, but you don’t have the necessary nursing credentials or fulfil the other criteria to become a nurse yet.As a Care Aide, you will put your caring talents to assist families in achieving peace of mind.

Personal care aides assist individuals suffering from chronic diseases, physical impairments, and mental illnesses by assisting them with preparing meals, getting dressed in the morning, and carrying out their daily activities. An increasing number of these typically older individuals would become unable of carrying out their basic daily activities without the help of a personal care assistant. Anyone considering a career in this field must possess a strong sense of compassion.

Although you are not permitted to work as a nurse, you may still join us as a nursing assistant to work with our jagapronurses and acquire valuable nursing skills on the job while caring for and delivering excellent healthcare to the elderly patients in Singapore.

In several settings, personal care assistants may work in patient homes, small residential facilities, group homes, and large-scale care communities. Their job often starts after a client has had surgery and has been patched and repaired by a medical expert.

patient care assistant singapore

Improve the overall quality of life and reduce the number of hospital hospitalizations.

Working as a jagaproCare Aide, you will aid patients in their daily lives by providing healthcare assistance to live their lives the way they desire (for example, at home) and prevent needless hospitalization. Your assistance will provide families in Singapore with a piece of mind, knowing that their loved ones are in excellent care because of your generosity.

Personal care aides are often educated on the job by nurses, other aides, and supervisors, who instruct personal care aides to adhere to safety procedures and react to emergencies. State regulations may demand more uniform training, which may be obtained via community colleges, vocational schools, elder care programmes, and home health care organizations, among other places.


When it comes to personal care aides that want to use their job as a springboard to more advanced positions like home health aide or registered nurse, formal training is usually required.

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